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Your Space. Nobody else's.

Space is an open-source, user-controlled, encrypted file storage and sharing platform.
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What you store on Space is not siloed in our platform. You own and control your space, and can access it via other interfaces if you wish.
End-to-end encryption

End-to-end Encrypted

All files, transfers, and interactions in Space are end-to-end-encrypted, and only users have control of the decryption keys.

Entirely open-source

Anyone can review our code and verify our privacy and security claims, and developers can openly build on top of our Open Web stack.
space file storage

Your Space for files.
Take control.

Store files online in a Space only you can control and access. The keys to your files and account are in your hands only, not ours, and all files are automatically backuped to Filecoin, as a decentralized layer.
  • Distributed online storage
  • User-controlled accounts
  • Filecoin backup redundancy
  • End-to-end encrypted

Your Space account. Not "ours".

All accounts in Space are tied to an Ethereum key-pair only you own and have access to. You can choose to log in with Twitter, Gmail, or Email (more coming soon!) protected by the Torus network, or using high-privacy alternatives like MetaMask and other crypto wallets.

space accounts
space file sharing

Your Space to share. In private, or public.

Share with convenient options (email, social handles, ENS, etc.) or privacy-first ones (crypto addresses, links). You can also create public links that anyone can see and are suitable for hosting. Space can’t decrypt files, only those who you share them with.

Your online backups.
Archived in Filecoin

Space backups your files in Filecoin, a decentralized storage network that isn’t dependent on us. Don't trust companies with your data, trust algorithms.

space filecoin backups
Space work collaboration

Your Space to work.
(Coming Soon)

We’re building an open collaboration app ecosystem and a suite with features for Teams so that you can work with all the tools you use and love today, but without having to sacrifice control over your data and privacy.


Space for Everyone

Move your files to distributed storage! We accept credit cards and crypto (WBTC, USDC, WFIL, ETH, DAI).
EthereumDAIWBTCMasterCardMasterCardVISAAmerican Express
Get back control of your data and privacy by using Space as your offline storage and file sharing platform.
  • 5GB of Storage & Bandwidth
  • Full End-to-End Encryption
  • Filecoin Backup Redundancy
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transfers
Fully switch from cloud to Space with a plan focused on giving you encrypted backups that only you can control.
  • 500GB of Storage & Bandwidth
  • 2¢ Per Extra GB Over Plan Limit
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transfers
  • Filecoin Backup Redundancy
  • Pay in Crypto or Credit Card
Take your enterprise infrastructure to Space with a custom-made storage plan to fit your needs. Contact us to learn more.
  • Custom Storage & Bandwidth
  • Flexible and Scalable Rates
  • Dedicated Infrastructure
  • 24/7 Support
  • Permissions & Recovery

Built on the open and distributed web.

Space is powered by the underlying protocols of the Open Web. Want to build an app for Space? Click here.
Answers to

Frequently asked questions

What is Space?
Space is a platform file storage, sharing, and collaboration platform that is user-controlled, censorship resistant, and built on the open web. It truly is your space, where you can protect your files, build your projects, and share without having to compromise your privacy by using cloud platforms that spy, and collect data from your files and activity.
How is Space user-controlled?
Space is built in a trustless way so that users own the experience, files, and their accounts exclusively. We can’t access your files, or their encryption keys, and we can’t access your account’s credentials/keys. What’s more, your storage is not bound to us and you can access it from any other compatible interface other than Space if you wish. It’s yours!
Is Space truly private?
Yes, the platform is built from the ground up to be privacy-first. The user’s information, their files, and interactions across the platform are end-to-end encrypted, and P2P, being the user the only one with access to the keys that protect them. Space is open source as well, which makes it possible to review our code to verify these claims.
Can Space see or gather data from my files?
No. Space uses private-public key pairs and end-to-end encryption to ensure the user, and the people who they share files with, are the only ones able to access files and see their data. Space doesn’t have access to a user’s private keys, and access to backups is user-owned, meaning Space can’t access or modify them either.
What does it mean Space is built on the distributed web?
It means it utilizes protocols like IPFS, Textile, Ethereum, Torus, and Filecoin (in the future), which compose part of the core technologies of the Web 3.0. The distributed web focuses on creating online experiences that are not centralized or under control of a single entity (us!), giving ownership and control of the data to users (you!)
How is Space's online storage different from the cloud?
Contrary to cloud storage, which uses centralized servers, Space’s stores online on distributed Space nodes (which include an IPFS and Textile node). These can only be accessed and decrypted by users. On Space’s V1, we run the Space nodes to ensure availability, but in the future we will offer decentralized options, such as users running their own nodes.
How do the automatic Filecoin backups work?
Aside from your main online storage in Space nodes, we also backup all your files automatically to Filecoin as a redundancy layer. Filecoin is a decentralized storage network that doesn't depend on Space, which means users have the certainty that their files don't depend entirely on our infrastructure. On V1, files are archived in bulk on Filecoin by us. In V2, files will be archived separately for users to be able to retrieve them individually.
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