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Textile and IPFS

User-controlled storage

Give your users access to local and online IPFS/Textile storage that only they control.
True peer to peer

Peer-to-peer interactions

Further decentralize your platform by making data transfers between users fully P2P.

End-to-end encryption

Reassure user privacy by making all interactions and transfers in your platform E2E encrypted.
key management logins

Seamless key management

Provide trustless key/pair authentication with seamless login options, such as OAuth or social.
crypto payments

Native crypto payments

Use Ethereum keys as account ids to easily integrate crypto payments and wallet support.
user-delivery networks

User-delivery networks

Turn users into your platform’s delivery network.
Coming Soon!

Built on the open and distributed web.

Space is powered by the underlying protocols of the Open Web. Want to build an app for Space? Click here.
Space SDK

The SpaceSDK

Power web & mobile applications with a library that opens up storage and hosting on IPFS/Textile nodes to any platform, as well as user-owned accounts, and other Open Web perks.

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Space Daemon

The Space Daemon

Build on desktop with the power of the dweb using a library that includes embedded IPFS/Textile nodes, enables pure P2P transfers, end-to-end encryption, and more.

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